#3 Monstrous Regiment

The story: You may have noticed that I sort of like Terry Pratchett a little bit…Okay, so I like Terry Pratchett a whole lot! And this book is one of the reasons why. The story follows a girl named Polly in the war weary land of Borogravia (in Pratchett’s Discworld). Polly’s brother has been away on the front lines for some time, leaving her to take care of the family business. But when Polly doesn’t hear from Paul, and she risks losing their inn if he doesn’t come  home soon, Polly decides that she can’t sit at home anymore. She cuts off her hair, calls herself “Oliver,” and joins Sergeant Jackrum’s peculiar band of  inadequate recruits. (I know a few of you are thinking “this has been done a million times,” but, trust me, you haven’t heard this story before! There are twists that make this book 1000% worth reading.)

Why I love this girl: Polly Perks goes to war, not because she has something to prove, but simply because she’s worried about her brother. It turns out, though, that the military may be where Polly belongs. She’s gutsy, clever, and quick. And, with trousers on, she realizes just how much she can do!

Next: Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris

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