#8 The Tiffany Achings Series

The story: This series is four books of Terry Pratchett goodness. It tells the story of Tiffany Aching’s transformation from typical neighborhood girl to the neighborhood’s resident witch. And we’re not talking Hogwarts, wands, and Hermione here. Tiffany is the youngest daughter in a sheep-raising family carving out their existence the hard way on the Chalk. And when her grandmother (the previous witch of the Chalk) dies, Tiffany has to learn quickly how to keep the balance, both magical and practical, for her not-always-cooperative people.

Why I love this girl: Long before Disney’s Tangled made it popular, Tiffany Aching was hitting things with frying pans. (She was only nine at the time.) Tiffany is one of my absolute favorite characters ever created ever anywhere in the universe amen. She is pragmatic to a fault, prone to grumpiness, hilariously astute. And, even if they don’t realize it, she is exactly what the people of the Chalk need. She may not be thrilled with her new job title (especially since there is a decided lack of wands and potions and easy-way-outs), but Tiffany does what she must, because if she doesn’t, who will? Being a witch on the Chalk isn’t easy. People look at you differently when you’re wearing that pointed hat. And when you take the hat off, they still know: you’re the witch. Tiffany is forever set apart, forever the “them” to her neighbors’ “us.” She must see the world before it puts on its face in the morning, be part of what goes on behind closed doors in the evening, and accept the un-magical, harsh, beautiful reality of life, all while pulling the strings that others don’t even know are there. Still, Tiffany rolls up her sleeves and dons that pointy hat with love. Because that’s who Tiffany is, and that’s what witches do.

The month of March is over. The post parade of fiction’s best girls is done. For now, at least. But I just gotta know: Who in the wide world of fiction is your most favorite girl?

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2 thoughts on “#8 The Tiffany Achings Series

  1. This post made me all giddy inside. Lol! I really want to read these books all over again now! 🙂

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